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Holly Bendz

Owner, Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co.; Labyrinth Designer, Builder, Workshop Creator & Facilitator; Inspirational Speaker; Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advocate

"Throughout the long history of labyrinths, whenever and wherever society is going through rapid change and development, the labyrinth has blossomed.  Now, humanity is seeking the sure path of the labyrinth in an uncertain and confusing world."

- Jeff Saward, Labyrinth Historian & Photographer

Holly began The Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co. in 2016 with the mission to bring labyrinths to anyone and everyone during this time of global complexity.  She enjoys bringing labyrinths to people in a way that is personal and affordable by way of 6-foot portable labyrinths and finger labyrinth pillows, while also working on large temporary and permanent labyrinth projects for individuals and businesses.  She also offers workshops where she has found that during times of change, trauma and drama labyrinths allow the release of any thought or feeling that no longer serves, and re-connects you with God/Your Higher Power thus re-energizing you to live a happier, healthier, more balanced life. 

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Permanent & temporary labyrinth installations

Personal, portable labyrinths

Finger labyrinth pillows

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