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Holly Bendz

Owner, Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co.; Labyrinth Designer, Builder, Workshop Creator & Facilitator; Inspirational Speaker; Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advocate

FINGER LABYRINTH Meditation/Prayer Mat

Holly understands that not everyone may be physically able walk a labyrinth.  But, that should not keep them from realizing the benefits of walking a labyrinth.  After all, you experience the same benefits tracing a labyrinth with your finger as you do walking a labyrinth.  The finger labyrinths are created for this purpose.  The finger labyrinths are approximately 16 inches square, and hand-painted on yoga mat material so they are easy to roll-up and take anywhere.  When placing your order, Holly will discuss labyrinth types available, color options and affirmations/intentions should you want those to be included.

Prices range $25-$200. Contact Holly by email at or by phone at 843-425-9181 to discuss what you are wanting, and the associated costs.