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Holly Bendz

Owner, Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co.; Labyrinth Designer, Builder, Workshop Creator & Facilitator; Inspirational Speaker; Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advocate

Beach Ceremony Labyrinths

One of Holly's favorite canvases for making labyrinths is the beach.  Whether it is a labyrinth to be used for a workshop, new moon/full moon meditation, corporate team-building or relationship ceremony, Holly has a labyrinth for you.

The relationship labyrinth can be used for proposals, weddings or vow renewals.  The two people involved enter the labyrinth at different places walking a separate path meeting in the center for the ceremony, then exiting the labyrinth walking the same path.

To discuss a labyrinth for your proposal, wedding, vow renewal, or event (see completed example of work below) contact Holly by email at or by phone at 843-425-9181.