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Holly Bendz

Owner, Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co.; Labyrinth Designer, Builder, Workshop Creator & Facilitator; Inspirational Speaker; Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advocate

Holly is passionate about helping everyone understand how labyrinths can be a valuable tool and resource during today's fast and changing times.  Holly specializes in creating personal labyrinths so that people can have available for them at any time a sacred path to aid them in their prayer and/or meditation practice.

Having a child with cystic fibrosis, Holly is on a mission to educate people with cystic fibrosis and those that love them how to use labyrinths to help with the depression and anxiety that can come with navigating this devastating disease.

In 2016, Holly started The Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co., a company focused on the education and creation of labyrinths wherever in the world life takes her.


Holly bendz

Holly Bendz is an intuitive labyrinth designer, builder, and teacher that works closely with the angels to build labyrinths that facilitate personal and emotional healing.  Holly has found through her workshops that during times of change, trauma and drama labyrinths allow the release of any thought or feeling that no longer serves, and re-connects you with God/Your Higher Power thus re-energizing you to live a happier, healthier, more balanced life.

Holly walked her first labyrinth at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA in 1997.  The experience was one she never forgot.  

Busy with marriage, motherhood, and career, Holly put her labyrinth experience in her distant memory. Then, in 2011 Holly's soul was awakened.  2012 brought a year of transition and change, with 2013 bringing her back to the labyrinth.  It was then that she began studying the labyrinth with Dr. Lauren Artress of Veriditas in order to teach others about the sacred path, as well as facilitate labyrinth walks.  She also studied with Master Labyrinth Builder Robert Ferre in order to construct labyrinths in both temporary and permanent forms.