Holly Bendz

​Do you find walking a labyrinth beneficial, but don't have access to one daily?  This personal, portable labyrinth is your solution.  It can be used in your home, your backyard, or you can take it to the park, beach, etc.

This personal portable labyrinth is created on a 6'x6' square yoga mat.   The mat colors vary.  Holly will let you know what colors are currently available.   Holly hand-paints the 3-circuit classical style labyrinth in a color of your choosing. Holly will let you know what paint colors are available, and is happy to make recommendations based on combinations previously created.  The walking path is 9" wide which lends itself to a very focused prayerful or meditative walk.  The weight of the yoga mat is approx. 5 pounds.  

$250.00 with FREE Shipping

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Owner, Heart-Centered Labyrinth Co.; Labyrinth Designer, Builder, Workshop Creator & Facilitator; Inspirational Speaker; Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advocate